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What is A4Desk? ( at top )

A4Desk is a professional software suite with two main features:

1. An easy-to-use, Windows-based WYSIWYG application for editing Flash web site templates.
2. A gallery of web site templates that you can edit using the A4Desk software.

Download A4Desk, and with only a few mouse clicks, you can build a professional, stylish Flash web site with your own images and text. No Flash programming knowledge is required!

Who should use A4Desk software and Flash templates? ( at top )

A4Desk is for Webmasters or anyone else who wants to create a Flash web site but is just too busy to learn Flash programming. Download our software today, and you are only minutes away from publishing your own Flash animation!

Do I need to know Flash programming? ( at top )

No! A4Desk's template-driven WYSIWYG editor requires absolutely no Flash-programming experience at all.

Do I need to purchase Adobe Flash in order to use A4Desk templates? Any other software needed? ( at top )

A4Desk templates can be edited without coding -- so if you do not already have Adobe Flash package, you can still edit A4Desk's templates using the A4Desk Editor.

You do, however, need Adobe Flash Player in order to view the Flash templates properly. If you don't have the latest version of Flash Player, you can download & install the player (FREE). Click here to Download & Install Adobe Flash Player.

Is your software compatible with a Flash template that I already built / bought from another web site? ( at top )

The A4Desk software must work with templates with a set of pre-defined format/syntax. Therefore, flash templates from other sources cannot be opened in A4Desk.

However, we can convert your templates into A4Desk editable format, with a maximum of 8 menu pages. Each page in A4Desk templates offers a text area and an image grid. A4DeskPro, our advanced flash site builder, supports multiple menus and an additional level of sub-menu. For conversion service, please contact us for details.

What's the difference between the templates offered on and ( at top )

The templates offered on come with the original source code file (.fla) which must be edited using Adobe Flash MX or above. In order to edit the files, you must be a licensed owner of the Adobe Flash software, and you must have sound experience with Flash programming.

In contrast, the templates offered on read content from external .txt files and come with a FREE editor which you can use to easily modify the templates' menus, text and images.

If you already know Flash programming, the templates available on offer you the maximum flexibility. You can purchase the source code files and modify the templates in any way you like.

If you do not know flash programming and do not have the time to learn, the flash templates available on offer you an easy-to-use, quick, WYSIWYG interface to develop a Flash web site within minutes. Alternatively, if you are looking for more options, you can browse A4flash Templates Gallery .

What if I want more advanced Flash Web sites and presentations? ( at top )

Please visit our advance flash site at . Here you will find a massive collection of Flash web sites/presentation templates and samples.

Why my website isn't indexed or doing well in search? ( at top )

The Meta Keywords, Description tag can be used to get your page listed under the search engines. Apart from using Meta Tag, relevancy/usefulness of the content and how well your site is linked from other websites are equally important for Google to find, crawl and then index your site. For details, please visit