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Questions List:

  1. First Time Users
  2. Template Registration & Subscription
  3. Payment Options
  4. Link template with other site features
  5. Using HTML Code/Pages with A4Desk Templates
  6. Images & Background Music
  7. Project Files and Publishing
  8. View Template


How much does A4Desk cost? ( at top )

The A4Desk software is FREE! If you download the software now, your Flash site could be up and running within 15 to 30 minutes! You will only need to pay the license fee of the template you choose to use.

You may download any of our templates for a free trial. Trial templates contain a watermark and copyright messages, but they are fully functional. This allows you to try the templates out before you buy them! If you like the menu page or Web site you have created with a trial template, then you can purchase a license key for the template, which will remove the watermark and copyright messages.

If I have many domain names, do I need to purchase license for every domain? ( at top )

You will need to pay the license fee for each domain -- as all A4Desk license keys are unique for each Site Title (or Company Name/Registration Name in old versions). This way can protect your flash file against unauthorized download / reuse.

Or you can join our Unlimited Template Access Plan, which allows you to register unlimited sites and download any number of templates during subscription. Subscription Renewal is only needed for creating new sites.

After I've purchased a license, created my web site and want to update it later, do I need to purchase the license again? ( at top )

Once you have purchased a license, we will send you a license key and registered template version in order to register the template. After registration, you can do updates for any number of times -- there is no limitation.

Please remember to save your web site project (in .PRJ format). So when you want to update your web site later, you just need to open your saved project, and edit in A4Desk software.

I want to join 12 months A4desk Unlimited Template Access Plan. After the 12 months, will the a4desk templates go back to demo or do I have to keep buying a licence key for old template? ( at top )

After 12 months, you can keep all the templates you have downloaded and registered and continue using them. All web templates you have created during your subscription period will not expire and will not go back to demo, provided that the Site Title (or Company Name in old versions) is not changed. The Site Title should remain the same as the Registration Name, which is paired with the License Key.

Can I just use your A4desk software and purchase a template without your hosting and your domain name? ( at top )

Yes. You can use A4Desk software and templates, then host your web site anywhere and purchase your domain from any other company.

Why some of my menus still show the "Demo" button and watermark, although I have purchased A4Desk? ( at top )

Please make sure the menu or background you are using is included in the package you bought. You can refer to the Registration page for more details.

If you find your package contains the menu or background, please refer to instructions in the order mail to ensure the package is installed correctly.

If the project was edited by trial version before, simply select "files-->update project" in the main menu so that the demo button will be removed.


I have registered my template and the demo button was removed, but after I update the website content, the demo button comes back, what is going wrong ? ( at top )

This will only happen if the "Site Title" (or "Company Name" in old versions) on the template has been changed. Please note if you change the Site Title, even just adding 1 more space, you need to have a new license key. If you are subscription plan user, please login to the member area to generate a new license key.

My registered template works fine in A4Desk, but after I upload to my server, I keep seeing the "DEMO" button, why? ( at top )

Please try to clear your browser cache first, some old browsers do not refresh Flash file correctly even if you press the reload button.

Some ISP (your internet service provider) "cache" recently visited pages, so that when you view the site your ISP shows the old version from their proxy server, instead of showing you the latest version online. The good news is all your visitors will see the latest version as they are not viewing from the same Proxy server.

If you upload your published files to a new folder on your webserver, e.g., you should be able to to see your site working fine. Please contact your ISP regarding how often they update their proxy server, and how to switch off browsing via their Proxy server.

How do I renew my A4Desk subscription ? ( at top )

Please go to and login with your existing username and password. If your account is expired, you'll be prompted for renewal, otherwise, you can click the [Renew / Extend] link, which is on the right of the Account Expiration Date.

How to download and register the Bonus Programs? ( at top )

In Generate License Keys page, click [Download Now] of your desired software in the FREE BONUS PROGRAM section. This will lead you to a page with the link to download the installer. On the same page, you can find the Name and Registration Key for that program. After installation, you will need to enter this information when opening the program for the first time.


How can I re-download the registered software after formatting my computer? ( at top )

Please request your download link again using our order tracking form at