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  2. Template Registration & Subscription
  3. Payment Options
  4. Link template with other site features
  5. Using HTML Code/Pages with A4Desk Templates
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How do I add a photo album to A4Desk? ( at top )

You can copy the URL of your photo album, then choose a page in A4Desk. Click the button "Link" at bottom, paste your photo album's URL at the input box near "Link Address". After entering your photo album's description at "Link Description", choose what window the link will be shown in. Then click "Add" and A4Desk will make a link to the photo album at your site. Click here to see an example of website with links to photo album, music player, and video player. If you use A4DeskPro website builder, you can also use drop down menus to create these links, click here to check another website example created using A4DeskPro.


How do I add a blog to my website created using A4Desk? ( at top )

The steps are similar to steps of adding a photo album. You can copy your blog's URL, choose a page, click the button "Link" button to insert a link. Then paste your blog's URL at "Link Address". Enter description about your blog, choose what window the link will be shown in, and press the "Add" button to add the link.


How do I add a shopping cart to my website created using A4Desk? ( at top )

First, you have to add information of your products in A4Desk. Then you have to get URL of each of your products from your online payment gateway. At your payment gateway's site there should be URLs of each product provided. For example, PayPal, should be look like this :

Copy the URL, highlight your product's information, click the button "Link" and paste the URL in "Link Address". From now on your clients can add your products to their shopping cart once they clicked on the link.


I want to import text from existing documents into my Flash site. Does A4Desk allow me to do this? ( at top )

Yes! Just save your documents as text files with a TXT extension, and you can automatically insert the text into your site using A4Desk. This is especially helpful if you or someone else has written your site content already and need to create a web site quickly.


I have created a hyperlink on the template to my DOC file, but it cannot be open. My DOC's file name is exactly the same as I have entered. How to fix it ? ( at top )

Please check whether you have placed your DOC file in the correct path. Your file should be place at the same location with a4desk.swf .

Please also check whether your file name contains some special characters other than alphbet and figures. It is could be your browser's settings that it cannot read special characters correctly through flash file.


How can I link your other Flash products, such as Photo Gallery, Music Player , Interactive Flash Map and Video Player into my A4Desk website? ( at top )

You can link other flash products to the A4Desk website using a link within the content text area or as a link in menu item. Please take a look at the examples:

- A4Desk sample site

For the steps on how to link the flash products to the A4Desk website, please refer to our userguide for further details.


How can I insert a pdf document into the web site so that it can be downloaded by the users? (at top)

You can upload the pdf manually to server, e.g.,
Then add the above full address link in A4desk, if the files exist, it will call up the pdf reader and open this pdf file.


How to add PayPal link to A4desk? (at top)

To create link inside A4Desk, you can highlight the text in the content area, then click the [LINK] button, check "Web Address(http://)" and then enter the web address e.g.,''. This text link will then link to PayPal for you.

You can also manually type the code in text area e.g.:<a href="" >buy</a>

Here is the sample PayPal text link

Please register a PayPal account first, and then edit the followings in the link: