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Using HTML tags

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How can I add text below or above the flash web site? ( at top )

You can add text below your flash web site by going to the tab page "HTML & Meta Tag Settings", which is located under toolbar. At "MEMO Area", you can insert text or HTML tags below your site.

For inserting text above your flash web site, you need to edit web page's source.

How can I allow search engine to index my site / get a better ranking? ( at top )

A4Desk comes with a built-in form for you to easily define Web Page Title and add Meta tags to optimize your web page for search engine indexing. Switch to the "HTML & Meta Tag Settings" tag under the toolbar. Enter your desired "Web Page Title" with keywords such as:

A4Desk - Tips and Hints: Flash Templates, Flash Builder, Flash Source Code, flash presentation

Also, you can fill in the META description and META keywords that best described your web site, so the site can be indexed correctly by popular search engine crawlers.

How can I add web counters / web statistic scripts to my site? ( at top )

You can add counters and web statistic script to your site by editing the "MEMO Area". The steps are similar to add text below your flash web site. But you can insert calling tags of your script instead of normal text. For the calling tags of your counter / web statistic scripts, please refer to its manual or readme file.

How can I add a contact form to A4Desk? ( at top )

To allow visitors send you messages using contact form, simply select Edit-->Contact Form Settings and fill in all required information. Click the "Apply" button to apply the settings, then click "Form" icon in menu page panel at the bottom of the screen and select "Insert Link" to add a text link within the content.

Please note: PHP support is required for using the contact form. Please contact your hosting provider if you are not sure whether the server supports PHP.

How can I add a form to my site? ( at top )

If you want to add contents containing a HTML Form in your site, you have to do the following. First, copy and paste your HTML code in a new text document. Then save as filename.html, that filename can be any name. After that, insert a link at one of your pages in A4Desk. The link address will be "filename.html" if you are placing it in the same folder of your flash site.

Can I apply any HTML tags on my web site's content in A4Desk? ( at top )

The follow html tags are allowed in a4desk template's content area :

Attributes Available

href, target


face , color , size


align ( left,center,right )


If you want to put forms or any html tag not listed above, you can first create a pure html webpage, and then make a link to it using the <a> tag.