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Project File and Publishing

Questions list:

  1. First Time Users
  2. Template Registration & Subscription
  3. Payment Options
  4. Link template with other site features
  5. Using HTML Code/Pages with A4Desk Templates
  6. Images & Background Music
  7. Project Files and Publishing
  8. View Template


How to use "Open Project" Option? ( at top )

There are three ways you can access this function:

1. Via the "Open Wizard"
2. Click the "Open" button on the top tool bar (left most)
3. Under File / Open Project

How can I publish to a CD-ROM with autorun files? ( at top )

In the Publish dialog box, choose a directory to store the project files. Check the box "Create Autorun.inf file for CD-ROM autorun". The published files include a4desk.swf, index.html (or [projectname].html), autorun.exe, autorun.inf, AC-RunActiveContent.js, 'a4contact' and 'import' folders.

Please burn all the published files into your CD-ROM.


Does the CD-ROM autorun publishing work in Mac systems? ( at top )

Our current autorun feature targets Windows. Mac OS does not have direct methods of performing autorun, and the best method is to include a readme file in the root of the CD to explain what the files do.


How to upload files to my server/web hosting space? ( at top )

To upload files to your server/web hosting space, you can use "Publish & FTP" icon on the menu bar. Please check User Guide for detail instructions.

Different web hosting companies have different FOLDER for you to place web content. After you have login to your FTP account, you must choose the correct folder before you upload your files. The folder name can be <htdoc>, <public_html>, or <web>. If you are not sure, please consult your web hosting company.

In order to make your site workable online, the HTML, SWF files and "import" folder (which includes some TXT and JPG files) are required to be uploaded to your server. Please note that you need to upload all the files with the same file structure, i.e. put TXT and JPG files under your server's "import" folder, in order to make the web site workable.

The A4Desk build-in FTP function doesn't work. How can I upload files to my server? ( at top )

We have 2 internal FTP functions in A4Desk:
- A4Desk Built-in FTP wizard
- Windows FTP (require installation of MSIE 5.x or 6.x)

You may switch to the other FTP setting by going to Options > Default FTP Settings. Details please refer to User Guide.

The Windows FTP function is actually calling the Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP function. If you can't launch the FTP window, maybe your MSIE doesn't support FTP, or your ftp loginID / password contains some special characters.

You can also use other FTP programs to upload your files to server. Here are some FTP programs:
 - IPSWITCH WS_FTP (30 days free trial version)
 - FileZilla (free program)

If you have problem in uploading or get a 11004 error code, this may be your ftp information is incorrect, please check with your web hosting company.

For 11004 error code, it should be you fill in http:// or ftp:// in Ftp Host field, please remove the http:// or ftp://. The server should look like or

I am a subscriber. I want to create a few web site demos and show them together. But when I upload the demos online, all the files are mixed up. How can I separate the files? ( at top )

You can create some folders to store the published files for EACH template.
For example, you can create a folder named "a4dp001" to store the published files of template A4DP001, create another folder named "a4dp002" to store the published files of template A4DP002, and so on.

So you should have the folder structure like this:

- "a4dp001" folder, which includes:
-- index.html
-- a4desk.swf
-- "import" folder (with some .txt and .jpg files)

- "a4dp002" folder, which includes:
-- index.html
-- a4desk.swf
-- "import" folder (with some .txt and .jpg files)
... and so on ...

You can then add hyperlinks on your web site to link to the demos, like this:

<a href="a4dp001/index.html" target="_blank">A4DP001 Demo</a>
<a href="a4dp002/index.html" target="_blank">A4DP002 Demo</a>

After I inserted the CD, it did not run automatically. How can I fix it? ( at top )

The CD autorun function in your computer maybe switched off.
For Windows XP users, please do the following steps :

1. Click "Start"
2. Click "Run"
3. Type "regedit" and press "OK"
4. On the directory tree, go to the directory below :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Services > Cdrom
5. On the right hand side, double click on "Autorun"
6. Set the value to 1
7. Click OK
8. Please restart your computer
9. Your computer will run the CD-ROM automatically now

I run more than one business. How can I run more than one template under the same domain name on the same hosting plan? ( at top )

Simply place the published project files of each template in a different folder, such as

In this way you can access the different templates under the same domain name.