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After I publish the site to a folder, I uploaded files to my web server. I can see the flash , but its content is empty? ( at top )

Please ensure you also upload the <import> folder (which includes some TXT and JPG files). And ensure the folder is named all in lower cases, i.e. "import", not "Import", or "IMPORT".

When I open the swf file inside Internet Explorer, it automatically blocks the file and asks me if I want to allow access to this file. Is there anyway I can stop the blocking?( at top )

It is possible that you are using Windows XP, and installed Service Pack 2. This problem happens on your local pc only. It is because Microsoft Internet Explorer's security feature to prevent activex object to execute locally.

It will work fine once the flash is uploaded. So please try to upload your flash site, and view it online. The error messages should not come up.

How can I indent the content text? Once I indent the text and restart the project, the indents are undone. ( at top )

A4Desk is using HTML to format the text. So you should use HTML tags for indent purpose, e.g. <BR>, <P>, <B>, <U>, <Font> etc.

As Flash application supports limited HTML tags, A4Desk supports some basic HTML tags only. Most of the supported HTML tags are showed under the text area box.

I downloaded and installed new version of A4Desk software, why can't I get the update to preview? ( at top )

Your "Java VM" were corrupt. You need to reinstall the java virtual machine files from Microsoft. For details please visit Java VM at .


I saw a grey border frame with the message "Click to activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over my Flash site. How to remove them from my Flash site?

You can download and reinstall the newest version of A4Desk, which will create Flash sites without such problem. However, you can also try our A4 Flash Easy Coder, which will fix all Flash animations in your website instantly and automatically.

You can get A4 Flash Easy Coder for free, or view more details about the problem at here:


The A4Desk preview area doesn't show my flash site, but it can appear on the browser.

Please download and install Flash Player:

In case you need to uninstall Flash Player, please go to:

Can I use A4Desk to create web site in multiple languages? ( at top )

The language settings of your computer will affect the viewing and inputting of characters in A4Desk. You have to go for a trial by copying and pasting the text of your target language into A4Desk and see if it can display properly.

To adjust your computer's language settings to display the accented characters correctly, please follow these steps:
1. From the Start Menu, choose "Control Panel"
2. On the left pane, select "Switch to Classic View"
3. Select "Regional and Language Options"
4. In the "Advanced" tab, under "Language for non-Unicode programs", select your language in use
5. Press "Apply", "OK" and restart your computer

For right-to-left languages like Arabic, you need to wrap your text with the HTML tags shown below to align the text to the right:

<p align="right">Your text here</p>

To create a site in multiple languages, we recommend the more advanced flash site builder- A4DeskPro which supports Unicode, more layout options and multiple menus and submenus.