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Adding New Interface Languages

A4Desk supports English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish interface languages. You can add new interface languages by editing .dic file easily.

Changing Interface Language
To change the interface language, you can click Options button on top Menu Bar. Then click Language. You can select a language (e.g. english) as the interface language.

Adding New Interface Languages
Once you've installed the A4Desk software, you will have a langs folder. Usually the default folder path is
C:\Program Files\A4Desk\langs .

There are five .dic files inside the langs folder. You can do the following steps to add a new interface language:

  1. Copy french.dic file, paste and rename as a new language .dic file.
    ( For example, if you want to use Italian as the interface language, you can copy french.dic, paste and rename as italian.dic . )

  2. Inside italian.dic file, change all the text from French to Italian. e.g.

    Change  mess0=Votre Nom de l' entreprise, A4Desk,
    To  mess0=Vostro Nome Di Azienda, A4Desk,

  3. After that, you can restart the A4Desk software. And you can select Italian under Options button.