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Setting HTML and META tags

A4Desk Website Builder allows you to easily build a website, and then optimize your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using HTML TITLE and META tags.

On top of the screen near the "Preview" pane, you can use "HTML & Meta Tag Settings" panel to set your web page title and META tags. By setting the META tags, people can find your web page in search engines more easily.

Following are explanations of these HTML tags:

  • SITE TITLE - defines your web page title.

  • META Description - defines a short descriptions about your page, which can give a brief introduction to viewers.

  • META Keywords - defines your web page keywords.

  • Memo Text - defines the text will be displayed under the flash area. You can remove the text if you do not want to display any message.

For greatest flexibility, you can also edit the HTML codes (indicated in green below) directly after the project is published. To display the flash site correctly, we recommend you to keep the codes within the <object> tag (indicated in red below) unchanged.

code view in html editor