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Editing Menu Pages

  1. The default menu page titles for a new project are
    "About US", "Services", "Staff", "Clients" and "Contact Us"

    You can change these titles by simply clicking the [Menu Titles] button. You can define a total of 8 menu pages with your own titles.

    If you want to have more than 8 pages with an additional level of sub-menu, please consider using A4DeskPro Flash Web Site Builder, which supports 50+ pages.

  2. To edit the content of the menu pages, simply click on the page tabs next to the "Company Information tab"
    In the following example, the "About Us" tab is selected:

  3. In the text box for the About Us tab, type the text you want to display on the About Us page. For example, type "This is the About Us page content."

  4. On the left hand side, you can use the Copy, Cut and Paste buttons to edit the text. These commands work the same way as the Windows Copy, Cut and Paste commands. You must first highlight text to copy or cut it. Copied or cut text may be pasted to one of the other pages of your site.

  5. To import text from an existing text file on your computer, please click the "Load Text" button. You can import text from a plain text (.txt) or HTML file (.html) directly.