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Editing Menu Pages
  1. You can enlarge the editing text screen by clicking Edit button on left or Click To Enlarge Text Editing Area button on top of the tabs.

  2. The HTML tags under text area box is for you to format the text. For example you can change the text font/color/size etc.

    As Flash application supports limited HTML tags, A4Desk supports some basic HTML tags only. Most of the supported HTML tags are showed under the text area box.

  3. On the right hand side, you can use the Upload Section Images box to upload an image for each page. It will open Image Resizer dialog box for you to upload your images.

    To delete an image which already appears in the image box, you can just right-click your mouse to clear the image.

  4. Edit the other pages by repeating these steps as needed.

  5. If you need to hide sub-pages that you do not want to display on the site, go to Edit > Section Names and assign blank names to those unneeded pages.

  6. Use the Test in Browser function to preview your site in your default Web browser.

  7. When you've completed your site, you should publish it.