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Font Settings

By using the Font Settings button, you can set font type/color/size of:

  • Default Font (the default font for current project)
  • Site Title
  • Baseline
  • Email address
  • Menu Title
  • Content Text

After you have finalize your settings, you can save the font settings as a style by clicking the "Save Font Settings" button, and re-use the same styles in all projects.

  1. Click Font Settings button on top Menu Bar.
    Or click on the Company Information tag.

  2. Click Change Font button in any fields (e.g. Site Title and Menu Titles) to change the font type/color/size on your selected areas.

  3. If you want to set same font styles in all areas, select Use Default Font for all areas box and click Change Font button to make the settings.

  4. After you've made all the settings, you can click OK button.

  5. Or you can save the font styles by Save Font Settings button. You can then use the same font styles in all projects.

    Please note: In order for visitors of your site to see the text on your site, you should choose a common font (for example, Arial, Times New Roman) that is available on the visitors' computer.