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Home Page Panel

When you first open the Site Builder, you'll see options for editing your site's home page. Following are explanations of these options.

Editable Text Boxes
The bottom part of the screen contains text boxes for editing the text that appears on your home page. For example, to edit the Site Title and Baseline, simply click on the "Site Title" or "Baseline" text box, then type in your text.

Email Address
You can include an email link on your home page. To do this, type a valid email address in the Email box. When someone clicks this e-mail address on your home page, their default email application will launch, and the e-mail address will appear in the To: field of a new message.

Background Music
You can choose background music for your site. To do so, click the Music list box and select one from the list.
The currently selected background music will loop continuously until you turn it off or select another type of background music. Visitors to your site will be able to turn the music on and off by clicking the Music On or Music Off link that appears on the page. To omit music from your site altogether, select No Music. If you do this, the Music On and Music Off links will not display on your site.