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Home Page Panel

Editable Images
These boxes, labeled with the word Main Page Images, allow you to manage the images on your site. Images must be in JPG format.

To upload an image to your site, click next to an image box and select an image from your computer. The Del button deletes the image whose name appears in the Image box. In the Preview window, you'll see an image grid that tells you the dimensions of the placeholder. These measurements will give you a good idea of the size each uploaded image needs to be. If you upload an image larger than the given dimensions, part of the image may get clipped. Some templates contain multiple Image boxes for the home page.

Background and Border Color
This section gives you control over the background and border colors of your site. Changing colors is easy. Just select the Background or Border button and then choose a color from the 16-color palette we've provided. Or for even more color choices, click the button to the right of that palette, and you can then select one of the many colors provided by the Windows color palette. You should experiment with color combinations to determine which ones are best for your site.

Image Grid On and Off     
Here you can turn the image grid on and off. When you de-selected the box "Show Image Grids", you will no longer see the image placeholder and dimensions in the Preview panel. When you publish your site, A4Desk will automatically turn off the image grid.

Display Size
A4Desk automatically sets the display size of your site. In most cases, this Best Fit size will be ideal. However, you can fix the display size to specific dimensions. To do so, click the Fix button and specify the dimensions using the width and height boxes.

If you are using the Best Fit option, the image may be blur because the flash template stretch including the image, therefore the quality of image will be dropped. To get the best image quality, please use the Fix option.