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Image Grid

On most A4Desk templates you will see area with image grids alike the following:

The image grid indicates where you can insert images into the A4Desk Template, and shows the image size in pixels. In the above example, it indicates you can insert an image of the size 220 (width) x 100 (height) pixels.

File types supported are JPG (non-progressive), GIF, BMP, & SWF. You can set the image grid to invisible mode by uncheck the "Image Grid" box.


Upload Image and Images Manager

To upload main images directly, you can use the button on the Main Page Panel inside the "Main Page Images" box.

Or you can also use the "Image Manager" directly to organize all the images using in the project:

With Images Manager, you can upload images for both Home page and Sub-Pages.

  1. Click Images Manager button on top Menu Bar.

  2. Select an image to upload (e.g. click on the sub-page name "About Us"), and Click Load New Image button. It will open Image Resizer dialog box for you to upload your images.

  3. OR if you want to resize/edit your uploaded images, press the Edit Image button to open the Image Resizer, or delete the image by using the Clear Image button.

  4. Repeat step 2 to upload images for other pages.

  5. After you've uploaded all the images, you can turn off the image grids by de-selecting the box Display Image gridlines in flash.

  6. Click Close button to save all image settings.