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  1. Enter a folder or path name in the empty field where you would like to install the A4Desk Flash website builder or click Browse to search and locate a folder on your computer. Click Next when done.

  2. Enter the name of a folder where you would like to create the program's shortcuts or click Browse to locate a folder on your PC. Click Next when done.

  3. Check the Create a desktop icon checkbox if you would like to create a desktop icon and click Next when done.

  4. This dialog confirms the folders where the components of the A4Desk Flash website builder are going to be installed and additional tasks. If after reading this you wish to change the folders or additional tasks you can click Back to move to the earlier dialogs of the wizard to make your changes. Otherwise click Install.

  5. A new dialog opens displaying the progress of the installation and when complete the following dialog is displayed.

  6. To Launch the website builder click Finish. If you do not want to launch A4Desk, uncheck the Launch A4Desk checkbox.