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Toolbar Buttons Functions

In addition to the Home Page Panel and Menu Page Panels, you'll see many buttons on the toolbar while using the Site Builder. Here are the function and description of these buttons:

Toolbar Icons
This row of icons across the top of the screen (toolbar) provides you with an easy way to perform certain frequently used commands. Following are explanations of these icons:

  • Start Wizard - opens the Start Wizard.

  • Open - allows you to open an existing project.

  • Save - saves the project you are currently working on.

  • Close Project - closes the current project.

  • Publish - allows you to publish your menu page or site.

  • Font Settings - allows you to edit font, size, color for web site text.

  • Disable Auto-Refresh - toggles the auto-refresh function on and off. If auto-refresh is enabled, the Preview panel will be updated automatically when you make changes. If this function is disabled, you will have to click Refresh Preview every time you edit your page in order to see the changes in the Preview panel. Because it takes a few seconds to refresh the Preview panel, you should disable auto-refresh
    if you want to make several quick changes to your page.
  • Publish & FTP - allows you to publish your menu page or site, and upload those published files to your web server.

  • Images Manager - allows you to upload images for both Home page and Menu pages.

  • HTML Editor - allows you to launch a third-party HTML editor to further assist you in the creation of your site. See Using an HTML Editor for details
  • Register - allows you to register the software.