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Toolbar Buttons Functions

"Preview" Panel
The Preview panel shows you what your Flash site will look like in a browser. What you see in the Preview depends on which template you selected in the Start Wizard. When you make changes to the page and click Refresh Preview, the Preview updates to show your changes.

"HTML & Meta Tag Settings" Panel
This panel changes your web page title and META tags, which can describe your web page and give a brief introduction to viewers.

Menu Bar at the Bottom of the Screen
The menu bar at the bottom of the page contains the following buttons:
  • Refresh Preview - As discussed above, this button refreshes the Preview so that all recent changes display in the Preview panel.

  • Test in Browser - This button launches your default Web browser and displays the Flash site you are currently editing.

  • Publish - This button lets you publish your site and related files to a directory on your computer.

  • FTP - This button lets you to upload your published files to your web server.