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Publishing Your Page or Site
  1. Choose to publish the main HTML file as "index.html" or "[projectname].html".

  2. Select the box Create Autorun.inf file for CD-ROM autorun if you want to burn and run your menu page or site in CD.

  3. Click Publish. All necessary files are published to the specified directory. If you go to that directory, you'll see all HTML and Flash (SWF) files, as well as an "import" folder that contains the text and image files used by your page or site.
  4. If you have chose to create CD autorun files, the directory will contains two more files -- autorun.exe and autorun.inf . All published files are required to burn into CD-ROM.

    Note: Only HTML, SWF files and "import" folder are required to make your site works online, i.e. the two autorun files do not need to upload online.