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Single Website Template Registration

Once you purchased a website template for A4Desk Flash Builder, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK and LICENSE KEY by email.

Please register with the following steps:

  1. Please ensure you have the registered version of A4Desk installed, If not, please download and install the A4Desk registered software, the download link will be available in the email.

  2. After the project is opened, click "Register Template" button. (At the toolbar and at bottom right of the screen)

    "Register Template" button at the tool bar

    "Register Template" button at bottom right of the screen

  3. Fill in your Site Title and the License Key , click "OK".

  4. The site title will then be displayed on the website as shown below:
    site title on website

    Registration process is completed. A4Desk demo button will be removed and all your saved edits will be restored. You can then save and reopen the project.