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Setting Music and Colors

  1. In the Music list box, select a music file from the drop down box as the background music for your site.
    The selected music will be play instantly for you to decide if it is suitable.

    You may also import your own MP3 or SWF file to use as background music -- by selecting <..Import Music..> from the list box. If you prefer to copy or delete music files directly using Windows file browser, select <..Browse music folder..> to open the music folder in windows.

    Suggestion: Avoid using music files of 100KB+ if you are going to show your Flash Presentation online -- as it will increase the downloading time significantly for users with slower connections.

    If you do not want music to play on your site, select No music.

  2. Use the color palette to set template's background and border color. You will see changes instantly in the preview area. If you like more color selections than the 16-color palette, click to open the Windows color palette.