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Menu Page Panels

Just underneath the Preview window you'll see a series of tabs. Each tab corresponds to a menu page of your site. Just click the tab to see the menu page panel that allows you to edit that page.

Name of Menu Pages
Each site template already has a number of pages ready for you to edit. To modify a panel's name, simply double-click the panel's name tab. To modify the names of all tabs at once, click Menu Titles button (on the left hand side).

If a menu page name is left blank, that page's menu button on the published page will be invisible and non-clickable, even if the page contains content. This handy feature allows you to hide template pages that you do not need by assigning blank names to them.

Editable Text
Each menu page panel contains options for copying, cutting, pasting and uploading text from a file on your hard drive. You can format the text (e.g. change the font / color / size) using HTML tags. You can even enlarge the text editing area in order to edit the text more easily!

Editable Images
To the right of the large text box, you'll see a box that allows you to upload an image for the menu page.

To upload an image to your site, click next to the image box to launch the image manager (more about image manager), then select an image from your computer. You can right-click your mouse to delete the image which already appears in the image box.