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Uploading Published Files

Once you've created and published a site, you will see the follow files in your publish folder:

You can upload the published files to your web server for viewing online. Here is how to upload your published files using A4Desk:

  1. Fill in the FTP settings by going to Options > Default FTP Settings. For example, type "" in FTP HOST, "YourUsername" in Login and "password" in Password field. (Please do not fill in http:// or ftp:// in FTP HOST)

    The Default Host Directory field should be filled with the default folder name for upload files. Usually it is named as "public_html". If you are not sure the folder name, you can empty this field.

    Note: The FTP settings (login name, password and default folder for upload files) are usually provided by your web hosting company upon signup.

  2. You can choose one of the 3 uploading methods to upload files to your hosting account, which you can select on the upper part of the "Default FTP Settings" pop-up box.

You can click "Next" to learn more about uploading methods.