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Images Resizer

A4Desk comes with a built-in Image Resizer for you to quickly resize images and adjust image properties.

In Image Manager, pressing either the Load New Image button or the Edit Image button will open the image resizer window.

  1. The first screen of the Image Resizer allows you to select an image for editing.

    For testing purpose, you can use the images in the <Sample-Images> folder which comes with A4Desk. It contains samples images and SWF files which you can insert into templates. Please note image resize function is only applicable to image files, i.e. .JPG, .GIF, and .BMP files only.

  2. You can click Import Image to import image directly. Choose Stretch to Fit if you want to import the image which is resized to fit to the default image area. Otherwise, unselect the Stretch to Fit Options.

  3. Click Resize Image button to resize the image.

    •  Keep in scale -- resize the image in proportion. You can de-select the box if you want to adjust the image in different proportion size.

    •  Stretch to fit -- resize your image to fit into the default image area.

    •  Bright and Contrast -- adjust the image brightness and contrast.

  4. Click Save & Import button to import the image into current project.

  5. Repeat steps 1 - 3 to upload additional images for other sub-pages if necessary.

  6. After you have uploaded the images, you can turn off the image grids by un-checking the Image Grid box