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Add a Contact Form

It is common for a website to include a contact form for users to submit their messages. You can create a contact form which sends the message to your desired email address in your A4Desk project with a few easy steps. The contact form could be opened from a hyperlink within a page, or it could be opened directly from the menu.

Note: PHP support is required for using the contact form. Please contact your hosting provider if you are not sure whether the server supports PHP.

Step 1: Create or edit the contact form

1. Click the "Form" button and select "Contact Form Settings" at the bottom of the screen or select edit-->Contact Form Settings in Edit menu.

2. The Contact Form Settings window will be displayed

3. In the Display Information section, the company name and baseline has already been filled. Enter a title of your form in the Form Title field, and provide a short description of your form in the Description field. The description will be shown below the title of the form.

4. In the Send to section, enter your desired email address in the Your Email field for the submitted forms, and set the title of the email in the Subject field. When the form is submitted, the message will send to the desired email address with your predefined subject.

5. Click the Preview button or select Preview in the Display Information section to preview the form. Your default web browser will be launched and show you how the form looks like.

6. Click the "Apply" button to apply the settings.

Step 2: Add the form

There are 2 ways to add the contact form to your project:
- by adding as a hyperlink in the page content, or
- by pointing a menu item to the contact form page

Option 1: Adding as a hyperlink in the page content:

1. Select the menu tab above the memo area and click the "Form" button and select "Insert Link " at the bottom of the screen

2. A html code will be displayed in the memo area. When user clicks the text, a new window will be opened to display the contact form.

Option 2: Pointing a menu item to the contact form page:

1. The path of the contact form file after publish is usually like this:

2. Double click the menu item (refer to 2a) then a "Page Name Edit"pop up dialog box will be displayed(refer to 2b), then type <a href=""> before the menu item name and </a> after the menu item name (refer to 2c).

2a) Double Click the menu item in the tool bar

2b) A pop-up dialog box will be displayed

2c)Type <a href=""> before the menu item name and </a> after the menu item name.