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Create a Multi Language Website

5. In "HTML and Meta Tag Settings", type the following HTML code in the text area:

type the HTML code

6. Click "Preview" tag, the text link is created. When user clicks the link, it will redirect to different page.

text links are added

7. Select "File->Save Project" when it is done.

8. Select "File->Publish and Upload", a pop-up window will be displayed, click "New Folder" and create a folder called "Italian" to publish the project, click "Publish".

publish the project

9. Fill in the information for FTP settings. For details, please visit A4Desk User Guide

Note: Please make sure you should also upload the folder "German" to the server.

10. For building a website for German, open a new project and repeat step 1-9. In step 8, create a folder called "German" instead.

11. Please check our example here