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A4Desk Template - Customization Job Request

A4Desk Flash Site Builder provides an easy way to create and update Flash Web Sites. For standard A4Desk templates, only pre-defined image and text area can be modified.

For advanced user who have experience in Adobe Flash Environment may purchase our A4Desk Flash Template Source in Adobe Flash editable format (.FLA). With the source, you will have full control to edit the template the way you want.

For users who are interested in doing additional customization to A4Desk templates, linking with flash accessory modules (e.g. photo album, calendar), or using the A4Desk software to edit site templates purchased from elsewhere, we provide the following options:

A4Desk Flash Maker Software     


A4Desk Template Customization Services
Price (in USD)

We can customize any selected A4Desk template base on your requirements. For example:

Sample: customized version of A4DP049

  • Delete / Replace an image in original template
  • Change menu button style or layout
  • Remove / Modify default flash animation effects
  • link with flash accessory modules (e.g. photo album, calendar)

Turnaround Time: as soon as 1 working day
(depending on your detail requirements)

** You can add external Flash components (photo album, calendar etc) to your A4Desk web sites by yourself easily, please click here to view more details.

starts from $30
(base on your detail requirements)

Template customization

A4Desk Template Conversion Service
Price (in USD)

We can convert your existing Flash template or site layout to standard A4Desk editable format. After the conversion, you or your staff can edit the template easily using A4Desk software without any programming knowledge.

Standard A4Desk Format Templates supports the following editable items:

Sample of a converted template

  • Site Title, Base Line, Email Address
  • Primary and Secondary images
  • 8 content pages with its own menu buttons, title, text area and image
  • Background and Foreground color
  • Background Music
  • HTML title & Meta tags
Turnaround Time: 2-3 working days
(depending on your template and modification requirements)

starts from $150
(depending on your template's complexity)

Unique Site Layout Design (Exclusive Usage)
Price (in USD)
We can develop an unique site layout in A4Desk editable format, for your exclusive usage.
  • The site layout will be fully custom designed according to your requirements.
  • First version available within 2-3 working days
  • 2 more versions (up to 3 layouts) if not satisfied with first layout design, modify design until your final approval
  • The final version will be converted into A4Desk format for easy editing using A4Desk software
  • Your unique template is exclusively designed for you . We won't sell it again to any other customers
  •  You can use your unique site layout any number of times with any Site Title
Turnaround Time: First version available within 2-3 working days

starts from $200
(depending on your design requirements)

Custom Made Componets or Widgets
Price (in USD)

You can easily connect your A4Desk created website with additional widgets such as photo album, audio player and video player.

For available flash components, please check our Flash Accessory Page.

We have a sample site showing how to intergrate them. We can help you to install / develop a custom project upon request.

(depending on your design requirements)